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About the Movement

Tons of textile waste is generated each year in the U.S., and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years. By throwing textile waste in landfills, or shipping it overseas, we are “throwing away”: paying U.S. jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, and resources to help families.

  • Consumers and nonprofits throw away roughly 85% of their clothes, and as clothes decompose they release methane and other toxic greenhouse gases into our air and water.
  • Approximately 0.1% of textiles donated to the leading charities are recycled.
  • Most government entities have not figured out what to do with textile waste. New York alone spends $20.6 million a year to ship waste to landfills.

For the past six months ReTRND has partnered with non-profits and filled our trunks and vans daily with gently used clothing that was shockingly being thrown away.

Since March 2017, we officially helped 1,000 households and decided to launch the business. This month we acquired a 77,000 Sq. ft. facility and partnered with a recycling company to use their large box trucks and trailers to expand our efforts.

For every $500 dollars raised we can divert two commercial grade pallets, weighing more than 700 pounds each, of textile waste, from landfills; while employing some of our country’s most challenged workers.

Please help us help others. Join the movement!